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Articles of Incorporation

Filing Articles of Incorporation

for $149 PLUS filing fee

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This is a self-help service rather than a legal service. It is intended to help inventors or other customers to set up a company quickly. Compared with other commercial filing services, you can have more choices and free email support (information service) for one month concerning Articles of Incorporation. Please choose any of the following options:

Nature of Articles of Incorporation

Drafting Articles of Incorporation can be as easy as filling in six entries in a preprinted form but can be as difficult as anything one can imagine. The role of Articles of Incorporation is similar to that of the Constitution of a nation. Imagine if we randomly change a few important words in the U.S. Constitution, what would happen? Waves of litigation would last decades until all affected federal, state, local and common laws reach a new equilibrium.

Articles of Incorporation is the "supreme law" governing the internal affairs of a corporation. It directly affects three key matters of the corporation: internal control, liability of owners or shareholders, the liability of directors or controlling shareholders, and tax liability. It also directly or indirectly interacts with state corporate law, state business law, and federal laws (such as tax law, security law, labor law, and environmental law). If a company has millions of assets owed by different classes of shareholders, the words and phrases may greatly affect their rights and obligations. If a corporation elects to eliminate the board of directors under the Delaware law, the court imposes the liability upon the managing shareholders for negligent actions. A wrong corporate entity can create a deadlock, invite lawsuits against managing shareholders, and incur larger tax liability.

Drafting Articles of Incorporation can be as simple as filling in six fields in a form if the owner does not have any preference to modify default corporate law provided by the state of incorporation. Each state has corporate statute and related judicial decisions as the default rules to govern the internal affairs of corporations.  Thus, an incorporator can adopt the entire body of default laws without doing any carving work.

Obviously, a small store owned by one person will be run differently from any of the fortune 100 companies. Yet, many commercial filing companies have a few models Articles of Incorporations for all types of business. Many successful businesses will have to amend their Articles of Incorporation by hiring attorneys, often by paying much more legal fees. In a worst situation, an attorney might have to do thorough work retroactively to rectify deficient corporate actions, to nullify illegal transactions concerning governance, stock transfer, and tax benefit claims. Some problems, such as removing an owner/partner in a deadlock case and selling stocks in violation of state/federal laws, are hard to remedy. A deadlock caused by an internal dispute can cripple or even totally ruin a successful business. This can cause a successful company to pay as much as $50,000 of legal fees PLUS payments for settlements of outstanding claims.

It is a bad idea to draft Articles of Incorporation for a complicated businesses without competent legal representation. However, there are situations where laypersons can properly draft Articles of Incorporation or use filing companies' services. It is unjustifiable to spend  thousands of dollars to set up a company while the business idea is still under test. Moreover, some people run businesses for recreation (e.g., hobby clubs and associations),social betterment (religion organizations), and even merely as a means to keep themselves engaged. In those situations, cost-effective filing services are more important than the content of Articles of Incorporation.\

This service is priced as commercial filing services and thus is characterized as such. It is cheaper than the prevalent filing service. Most of the filing companies in Delaware, for example, charge $450 to $900 for various packages. A Z Patent can file your Articles of Incorporation for your corporation at a cost often less than $300.  Moreover, A Z Patent do the work by licensed attorney although billable time is written off. It can render services much more efficiently than the rest of the industry as a result of its ability to sever legal component from administrative and scientific components in a typical legal job. 

While it is a self-help service, A Z Patent actually does more than what commercial filing companies do in providing their services. It actually tries to incorporate things incorporators are looking for. For example, the incorporator can elect the state of incorporation, eliminate board of directors (if state law permits), and modify the terms to amend the Articles. A Z provides more than 20 options. It will ascertain that the intention of incorporators be written in the Articles by considering all answers to the questions.Moreover,the firm also provides free email support for a specified period concerning the issues.

Proper Use of this Self-Help Filing Service

This quick and cost-effective service is suitable for your business if your situation satisfies any of the following:

(1) You want to test your business idea and do not want to spend too much money for the trial, and you intend to amend the Articles of Incorporation whenever your business succeeds;

(2) Your business is very simple and its activity is of low risk, and you need a corporate entity to protect you against personal liability.  Moreover, you are able to make your own decisions;

(3) You are about to enter a new business deal in a new business name before it is incorporated in violation of the corporate law in your state, and you are unable to find a corporate lawyer who can take care of your urgent matter immediately. You want to avoid fines and penalties (and bad credits associated with it) by getting a legal status RIGHT NOW and to fix imperfection, if any, later;

(4) You are going to copy articles of incorporation to save attorney's fees. You want to reduce the risk of inaccuracies by using this service; and 

(5) You are determined to file articles of incorporation by yourself. However, you want to save your valuable time by using this self-help service.

IMPORTANT WARNING.If you have plenty of cash to spend, and your business is complicated and/or vulnerable to lawsuits, you need hire an corporate attorney to help you set up a best corporation! A Z also provides legal services in setting up companies under the Corporate Law. 

Terms and Conditions

Full satisfaction guarantee. If A Z fails to file your articles of incorporation, you are not responsible for any service fee and A Z will refund tendered fee. If you are not satisfied in good faith with the quality of the articles of incorporation, A Z will refund the service fee.

Nature of Service.Under this service, A Z does not give legal advice. It is merely a self-help service. The fee of $149 is charged as a document production service fee. Like all filing services, you personally make your decisions such as state of incorporation, corporate entity, and election of board and directors. A Z merely puts all information you entered into one coherent document and does all work necessary to produce it. Because this service is useful under limited cases, it is your obligation to amend the articles if necessary. Because you are the one who makes all material decisions, A Z expressly disclaims all liabilities. It disclaims the warranty of implied merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In order to use this service, you must agree not to hold A Z liable. In the event that a court finds that A Z is liable for any reason, you agree that the maximum liability is the service fee you actually paid.

Under this service, you are required to provide three corporation names. If all names have been taken by existing corporations, A Z will refund $130. A Z deducts $20 as nominal expenses to offset the costs (printing, mailing, faxing, and long distance toll charges). However, you may resubmit a new order with three new names.

If you are filing corporation articles with a foreign state and do not name any person or entity to serve as a registered agent for purpose of accepting court summons, A Z will find one for you at its sole discretion. You must timely pay the agent annual fee (usually, from $50 to 75$ per year). If you fail to make payment timely, the agent might resign, which causes your corporation to lose the status of good standing.

A Z provides a checklist for your convenience when it returns the articles of incorporation to you. It is intended as comprehensive as possible but is not intended as cover every law in the book. A business is generally regulated by a great number of federal statutes, state laws, and common laws in many fields such as taxation, employment, environment, and zoning. You are responsible for taking care of those matters.

Non-Law Service Fees and Filing Costs

$149 service fee PLUS all filing fees ($40 to $120 in most states).

Service feesare used for the time on typing, proofreading, producing articles of Incorporation, making long distance calls, searching for corporate name availability, resolving conflict names (one to three rounds), producing multiple correspondences (one for filing and one for returning certified copy of Articles of Incorporation to our customers), issuing notes that are directly relevant to the Articles of Incorporation (for example, District of Columbia requires a capitalization of $1,000 for forming a new corporation). Service fees also defray office overhead, costs of papers, costs for fax transmission, and other expenses.

Filing fees are the fees that a state government charges for creating a new corporation. The fee varies considerably, depending upon corporate entity and state under which a business is incorporated. Generally, basic filing fee ranges from $20 to $120, recordation fees (a necessary fee in some state, but may be included in the filing fee in other states) ranges from $20 to $50, expediting filing fee may range from $50 to $100 (for example, same day filing fee in Delaware is $50, the expediting fee for 24 hour filing in Maryland is $50, and for  2 hours priority filing service in Delaware is $500.00).

You should avoid urgent filing fee unless (1)the you have a deal of great stake and your business may be subject to the risk of large tort and/or contract liabilities, (2) the deal will be off if you wait for corporate papers to go through the normal path, and (3) your state imposes a severe civil and criminal sanction for engaging in an act in the name of the corporation that has not formed. Otherwise, you should defer in making the business deal.

If you believe that this is service you need and you want to get a legal entity now, you are required to agree on the above terms. Please click filing form for entering your data online.

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