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AZ Patent Law Firm
Corporate Law Practice
Our Service Offerings in Corporate Law

This line of services are provided as supplemental services to clients who requires us to handle case in federal law. In cases involving purely state law, the firm provides only technical support services.

Currently, this service is avaiable only to clients who wants to incorporate in Maryland, District of Columbia, and Deliware.

Litigation Outsourcing

This firm accepts and outsourse litigation case to other trial law firms. The concept is that the AZ patent will provide its service in docuemnt processing, this arrangement can reduce litigation expenses considerably. Because the firm contracts reputable attorneys and trial firms, there is no limit on the scope of litigation services.

By using highly innovative software and tools, this arrangement may be able to reduce legal fees by as much as 50%.

This concept can be shown by an example. In a typical copyright litigation case involving a large number of counts of infringement, a law firm generally hires attorneys and law clerks to search copyright registration records from the Copyrights Office database over Internet or search the registration files. It was necessary to produce a log showing all infringed copyrighted works (or matched registration records). It would take tremendous manpower to search and print records one by one, and then manually type the log line by line. No commercial software can do the job. Dr. Wu found that such task could be done with half of the time. He actually duplicated the whole process: he did a few searches to collect all information in a buffer (however disorganized it might be), and then used a little custom software tool to pick up the information. He was able to pick up every entry exactly as he intended. The accuracy cannot possibly exceeded by human typists. He further developed a new hypothetical scheme (which is not tested because database files are unavailable ): buying the registration records from the Copyright Office (assuming it sells registration records in the form of a disk file, then comparing the database containing infringing works with the targeted registration records, and automatically producing a log for the watched records. This automatic scheme could change a million dollar project to one that would consume only some nominal fees and costs, and shorten the project cycle by many months.

If this firm takes a qualified case for a contingency fee, it will charge only 20-25% of the gross amount recovered rather than 33% to 50% of the gross recovery. In defending claims, the firm strives to reduce billable hours.

Main Focus of Services

Drafting Legal Instruments

The service includes drafting and executing contracts, settlement agreements, non-disclosure agreements (for the purpose of marketing intellectual property), and intellectual property licensing agreements.


Protection of Intellectual Properties

The firm also provides consulting services on how to protect intellectual properties and trade secrets. Counseling subject matter may be drafting legal instruments and advising protective measures at an operational level. Some related services can be seen under the Patent and IP topic.

Other Services

Starting-up Businesses

The service is now referred to local attorneys who are licensed to practice law in state. Clients who have inventions often want to start a new business. The service includes drafting and filing articles of incorporation, drafting internal agreement, applying for master business licenses, applying for building permits, applying for federal tax identification number, and filing other papers necessary for setting up a new business. This is different from on-line incorporation service which requires the client to make decisions by answering a list of questions. This low-cost service actually helps clients get what they want by drafting a legal instrument specifically for the client. The firm does not use pre-printed legal instruments as it does for self-help services. The firm provides 50% discount to the clients who get the service through Internet without personal interview.

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