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AZ Patent Law Firm
Patent and IP Practice

Patent Law Practice

The patent practice is focused on technology and software cases. Some subject matters we have handled include software, chemicals, chemical process, bio-technologies, medical devices, laser devices, and appliances. By leveraging our knowledge of technology, we can efficiently handle inventions in the field of out expertise. If you have software inventions and complex technical inventions, you will soon realize that the legal fees based on prevalent charges are prohibitory. When we handle software cases, we actually read your algorithms to understand your inventions and use our technical abilities and legal knowledge to write claims with the most proper protection scope. The firm has clients from many states in the United States and many countries in the world.

Unlike conventional patent law firms, this firm focuses technology and protection level. We have consistently held the brief that getting a patent is only small part of the games in the inventor endeavor. A patent can be invalidated for excessive claim scope, indefiniteness, conflicting definitions, lack of support, use of inconsistent teams, and lack of disclosure. A person and company can design around a patent by using prosecution histories, defined specific terms, and improper claim of advantages. Some patents that are secured during prosecution by compromise which would make the patent useless.
Patent Prosecution

For patent prosecution, this service is provided with the following features:

  • Many legal fee options:The firm willl consider many fee arrangements for preparing patent applications (at least 50% cash discount over prevalent fees for most inventions). 
  • Office response costs:The firm has handled may office response at the fee from $250 to $1500 while many law firm could change thousands of dollars for each response. 
  • Simple and complex inventions. The firm handles inventions in, among others,  high technology, biological sciences, engineering, computer software, medical devices, and appliances.
  • Seamless virtual practice: Clients never need to drive and wait in a law office. All work can be done by email or fax.
  • Confidentiality of communication:All  communications intended for getting legal services are strictly confidential. The firm has never expereinced any instance of losing confidential information to an outside person.
Patent Knowledge Base

You can fine most important information help you decide if you want to apply for a patent.

You can fine most important information help you decide if you want to apply for a patent.

Other Patent Services

Technology Licensing

The firm drafts and prepares licensing agreements and related legal instruments such as non-disclosure agreements, assignments, and partnership agreements. Technology subjects may be any intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks.


Trademark Applications and Objections

This firm offers the service to file applications for trademarks,service marks, and wordmarks. It may also helps clients protect their trademarks by rendering objections in front of the Patent Trademark Office to applications that infringes its clients' trademarks.

Trade Secret Protection

The firm helps clients develop procedures and devices to protect their trade secrets, evaluate advantages and disadvantages of using trade secrets as a measure of protection relative to other protections such as patent and copyright.


Patent Appeals

The firm takes appeal cases that are appealable to the Board of Patent Interference and Appeals of the Patent and Trademark Office or the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit concerning a patent, patent application, or licensing agreement. It may accept such a case for a fixed fee or variable fees determined from billable hours.

Reexamination Services

The firm offers to provide re-examination of patents for clients. The scope of services includeing prior art evaluation, drafting and preparing request for reexamination, and in limited cases provide responses to affice action.

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