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Immigration Law Practice

Immigration Law practice covers non-immigrant visa, employment based visa, family based visa, investment based visa, extension of stay, adjustment of visa status, petition for adjustment of status, and naturalization. We take the cases that raise difficult legal and factual questions. For example, we take the cases that (1) lack conventional documents, (2) requires sophisticated legal arguments, (3) need a substantial number of documents. An example is preparation of a petition for waiver of conditions on permanent residence when the applicant is in the process of divorce and is able to produce very limited supporting documents. Another example is application for outstanding skillful workers when the applicant's qualifications in the borderline thus requiring strong factual analysis and legal arguments.
We also provide services to help prospective foreign high-school and college students to find best-matched colleges and universitity. Our services include the ability to compile a database which is used to match applicants and schools. In addition, we also provide support to applicants in resolving certain legal issues which often arise in applying for admission to United States colleges and Universities.
To Get Legal Services

The Process

This firm conducts its business primarily through Internet, email and fax. Ordinarily, when a client contacts the firm and briefly discusses with an attorney concerning objectives, the attorney might ask the prospective client to fax some documents, or sending detailed description through email or web form. If the client has no access to fax and email equipment, the client may mail the materials to the firm by US mail. After the attorney reviews the essential materials, he might provide a quote on legal fees or ask for more information and supporting documents. If the client and the firm agree on the terms and legal fees, the client will receive a retainer agreement for signature and be asked to send an initial amount of deposit.

The attorney will start working on the client's case. Highly confidential materials should be transmitted only as an attachment to BLANK email or by fax. Generally, bulky supporting documents should be sent to the firm by mail or express mail in case of urgency.

Prospective clients have the duty to ensure that the firm actually receives communication or knows in advance about the incoming communication. For time-sensitive communication, the client is required to contact the firm using the contact us page to ensure that the firm knows about incoming material. Failure to do so may cause the client to miss a statutory deadline which could be easily prevented just by one brief telephone call.


Internet Safety

Law practice is regulated by state and federal authorities. Moreover, attorneys are subject to the regulatory rules whether they practice law locally, nationwide or globally. If a prospective client has a doubt as to the legitimacy of such practice or the attorney standing, the client can always find it out attorney's roast maintained by relevant regulatory authority. When an attorney communicates with a client, the attorney often indicates where he is licensed. The prospective client can then locate the regulatory authorities and their attorney rosters. If the client can find the attorney's name in the roasters, it is safe to communicate with him.

This Internet-based service is highly cost-effective. It can save the client the time for making a trip and the time for waiting and traveling. The firm can deliver the service more efficiently and pass the saving to its clients. However, the clients should be aware that all application processes are controlled by the federal government. After filing an application or a paper, it is possible the INS will not review the case until many months have passed. The firm will not contact the client when there is nothing to discuss. Whenever there is an official action or response, the client will know it within a reasonable time.

By using this Internet basis service, we can do help clients to perform some minor tasks for nominal fees. Those services include filing a notice, change an address, send a fax, convert a document, edit documents and print documents for clients,

Some Common Issues

Required Languages

Clients who speak English or Chinese are particularly welcome. For prospective clients to get service from this firm, they must speak at least some English or Chinese without using interpreters. If supporting documents are in another language, clients are responsible for the costs of translation by a competent translator.

If a prospective client speaks a language other than English and Chinese, we can help only if the client also have someone who can interpret for him or her.


Cost and Filing Fees

Clients are responsible for all costs and filing fees payable to the USCIS, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), other governmental agencies, and courts if applicable. The amount of filing fees will depend upon the nature of case, benefit the client seeks, and type of filing services the clients elect. In addition, some cases can be processed by out of the normal turn by paying expediting processing fee payable to the DHS.

Sometimes, affidavits and expert opinions may be provided as support materials. If they are necessary, clients are responsible for the costs which vary from case to case.

Best Effort

The firm would try the best to represent its clients. Prospective clients should know that attorneys can help its clients to obtain what they are entitled to under the existing law. Attorneys may be able to find the best options the clients might have although they might be non-obvious, but cannot change the merit of any important issues. Thus, the firm, like all other law firms, cannot guarantee that it will definitely obtain the result sought in every case.

In a difficult case where normally required documents are missing, we may have to find alternative method to prove the case by using sworn affidavit, public records, publications, and expert opinions as long as clients agree with the approch. In a most ccomplicated cases, we could produce a filing which contains several hundreds of pages.


Attorney Fees

Generally, legal fees are based upon transaction although the option of paying billable hours with a cap is available for complex cases. The firm uses new management methods and productive tools whenever possible and tries every effort to charges less legal fees. While fixed fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis, the standard amount of the legal fee for prosecuting an entire naturalization process is $2,000. In cases where the clients seek other benefits, the fees might be as low as $500.

Timne and efforts required to achieve an identical objective in two different cases may vary considerably, depending upon their facts in their cases. In one case, the supporting document may be only one page, but in the other case, thousands of pages of documents may be produced as attachments. Accordingly, legal fees vary. It is impossible to provide a quote of fixed legal fee in advance. Such quote will be provided only after a free review of the original documents and free consultation.

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