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AZ Patent Law Firm
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Our Practice

The firm started its business in 2001. Its practice focus is service includes patent prosecution, patent litigation, trade secret, and corporation law. The focus is in software, chemicals and biotechnologies. It has clients from many states in the United States and many countries in the world. We can handle the most complex software inventions.

Unlike conventional patent law firm, this firm has focused productivity tool and use such tool to deliver cost- effective legal services.

Patent Law Practice

    Patent law service includes patent prosecution in software, chemicals, biological materials, laser devices, medical devices, and electronic devices. The firm also provides litigation consulting services primarily in invention patentability, invention non-obviousness, operability of inventions, and issues involving both legal and technical matters.

    Our focus is not just help our clients to get patents. Getting a patent is only a small game in this highly competitive IP world. We understand a breach of patent litigation cases and use them as guidance in drafting claims. The claim construction rules starting from Markman

Specific Areas

Technology Licensing

The firm offers a full range of services in technology licensing. The service is provided with low fees and costs, and an opportunity for fast amendment.



A Z Patent bill only 50% billable time for immigration matter. With more and more productivity tools being developed, the firm can handle cases for less and less. Currently, the firm handles only cases for clients who speak English and/or Chinese.

Copyright and Trademark

The firm handles a full range of cases in copyright. This line of services includes copyright application, and copyright licensing and assignments. It also handles trademark applications, objection and cancellation. Whenever its productivity tool can find application in any of those given services, the firm will reduce its billing rates and attorneys fees for the service.


Food and Drugs

A Z Patent provides full service for matters in front of Food and Drug Administration. Its service offering includes food names, ingredient labels and labeling, nutrition labels and labeling, health benefit claims, color additive petition, new drug application, investigational new drug application, administrative petitions, General Good Manufacturing Practice, civil fines, and minor criminal matters under the FD&AC

Other Services

Legal Instruments

If you want to write legal matters yourself in order to save money, here is the best help you can find. A Z Patent had spent years of research to find new way of creating legal instruments so you do not need to spend too much time to write legal instrumentst. The chances are its legal instrument is very close to what you or your attorney would write in both substance and form. You can further modify it or just use it without modification.

  • Professional feel and look
  • Any area of law
  • Any size from one page to 400 pages
  • One free 30-day revision

Please note that his service is provided to pro se litigants or persons who want to write legal instruments. Unless the customer is an attorney, layperson shall not sell legal instruments to others as LEGAL services. The customer may sell them as legal forms just like law books, manuals, and forms PROVIDED that the customer expressly informs all buyers that such legal instruments are not intended to substitute for legal advice.

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