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AZ Patent Law Firm
Litigation Consuling

Technical Consulting in Patented Technologies

The scope of consulting service includes patentability of software inventions, non-obviousness of complex inventions, inoperability of inventions as viewed from the theoretical point of view. The firm relies upon third-party analytical data or uses its own data to render opinion as to whether an invention is obvious in light of prior art technology, whether an invention is patentable, and whether an invention is inoperable. The firm can retain its own experts to conduct secondary data analysis, perform system simulation, and run softare function tests.

Document security

Server Solution to Improve Document Security and Document in Communication

  • Document safety:The firm has conducted many years of search into the safety of documents in discovery. It has envisioned a series of innovative sever-client solutions which are intended to improve the security of documents during discovery. At this stage, any documents from any company may be ended up at anyone's personal computer who may be in another country where no criminal sanctions are possible for misappropriating highly confidential company documents. AZ patent has or may license from its own associated partners a portfolio of such tools which can be used to minimize the risk of unlawful disclosure of highly sensitive corporate documents. If you are extremely concerned with the security of documents, AZ patent can show you that its server based solutions are the right solution to many kinds of problems. 
  • Communication Safety:The firm has developed many unique server-based solutions that can improve the security of communication. Many of the solutions are intended to fundamentally solve the mailing problems that are inherent in the email system. Some of the problems include email ended in a wrong person, virus-action of mass-distribution of important email, hijack of email by unauthorized persons.
Litigation Cost Management

Server Privilege Log Production Technology

AZ patent has server solution for production of previlege logs at the productivity unknown in the world. If any prospective client is interested in such technology, please contact us for details.

Document Preservation Services

New Solution to Reduce Document Production Cost

AZ patent has most advanced solution for nerely the absolute safety of document. For those who are worry about document security. AZ patent's solution will be the only choice. Nothing else can be safer. This solution is not publish available yet, but AZ patent is interested in knowing companies that are in need of such final solution.

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