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Jianqing (John) Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Wu, the founder, is licensed to practice law in the State of New York,District of Columbia, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and United States Patent and Trademark Office. He also practices law in front of the Food and Drug Law Administration. He is a member of American Bar Association and was a member of New York Bar Association.

Dr. Wu received a B.S. in Horticultural science, a M.S. degree in Food Science, and Ph.D. in Chemistry (with a co-major in Food Science). He took his Ph.D. curriculum in physical chemistry--the foundation of biological and biotechnology sciences.  It deals with basic and universal laws governing common phenomena such as molecular structures (quantum mechanics and spectroscopy), equilibrium or process direction (thermodynamics and statistical thermal dynamics), and changes (chemical kinetics and dynamics). Essentially, high-level theories in every branch of biological sciences and biotechnology are built upon those three branches of science. In addition, he wrote a number of computer programs involving modeling, numerical computation, and data processing.

Dr. Wu was a member of American Chemical Society, American Association for Advancement of Science. New York Academy of Science, and Institutes of Food Technologies. In addition, he was a member of four honor societies: Phi Lambda Upsilon (chemistry), Sigma Xi (scientific research), Phi Tau Sigma (food science), and Gamma Sigma Delta (agriculture); He also won Chinese Education Ministry¡¯s Graduate Fellowship.

His academic training is diverse as reflected in the courses he took: Agricultural Chemistry, Physical Chemistry I, Physical Chemistry II, Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry, Advanced Topic in Molecular Orbital Theory, Food Chemistry, Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory, Plant physiology, General Biochemistry, Structure and Interactions of Macromolecules, and Food Kinetics. The courses he took include Fruit Processing, Fruit Cultivation, Fruit Breading, Dairy Products, Food Rheology, Food Kinetics, Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Fibrous Materials, Muscle Biology, and Food Research and Development.

He did research in the Department of Food Science for nearly 6 years. After receiving his Ph.D., he did his doctoral research in Biomedicine for three years at the National Institutes of Health and The University of Illinois at Chicago, resulting in eight publications.

He worked in a number of law offices and law firms, acquiring hands-on experience in litigation involving small claims to billion dollars merger cases. He also did extensive documentary reviews for Fortune companies and has the opportunities to learn devices for protecting intellectual properties.

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