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How Long to Get a Patent

 How Long Does It Take to Get a Patent?

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1.How Long Does It Take to Get a Patent?

The Patent and Trademark Office ("the Office") reviews and examines a patent application after it receives it. It then renders an opinion on the merit of each of the claims in an official letter commonly known as Office Action. The Office usually renders the first Office Action on merit a little more than one year after the actual filing date. The patent attorney then amends the application so that each of the claims will meet the statutory requirements.If the Office approves the application after it reviews the response/amendments to the first action, a patent may be grated within one and a half years from the filing date. That is theshortest time window for application in normal course. Most of the patents are granted two and a half years from their respective filing dates. Some applications may consume five years or more in prosecution.The Office can act faster (out of normal turn) on certain patent applications if they meets certain requirements. Such requirements include inventor's age and poor health conditions, and special social benefits of the invention. In addition, patent attorney may file a paid petition for such special treatment when a proper ground exists.

2.What Is Virtue Patent Prosecution Practice?

At this information age, face-to-face representation is no longer a requirement.This firm will accept cases from anywhere in the world. Information is instantly accessible. With video conference technology being available, interviews can be had remotely. Data can betransported by fax transmission, secured e-mail, and secured web forms. A client from anywhere in the world can instantly contact the firm. Except for inventions involving a large number of exhibits or a large compilation of data, most of the inventions can be prosecutedseamlessly.This virtue practice allows prospective inventors to find a cost-effective patent law service. A Z Patent is locatedin Beltsville,Maryland, which is a 40 minutes drive distance from the Patent and Trademark Office. In rare occasions that require attorney's appearance in the Patent and Trademark Office, the firm can send an attorney there without incurring significant amounts of travel expenses and attorney fees.

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